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Home Fall Prevention Tips for Families with Seniors

home-fall-prevention-tips-for-families-with-seniorsFalls and slips can prevent senior citizens from living their retirement years comfortably and independently. The risk of falls also increases with age because of mobility constraints, vision problems, mental health issues, and age-related problems. Our elder home care services in Port St. Lucie, Florida, can help prevent falls at home for your elderly loved ones through Companionship, Housekeeping Services, and Transportation Services.

Families can also reduce the risk of falls for their elderly loved ones at home by:

  • Having Enough Space Between Furniture
    Cramped living spaces due to large furniture like tables and couches can increase the risk of falls. Families can prevent this by downsizing the furniture or having enough space in between furniture to move around freely.
  • Address Clutter at Home
    Clutter can be a tripping or slipping hazard. Address clutter by throwing away belonging your loved ones no longer need. You could also have a garage or yard sale or give away no longer used possessions to friends or family. We also provide home care in Florida, including housekeeping assistance to help reduce the clutter at home.
  • Make Sure Your Loved Ones Are Wearing Age-Appropriate Footwear
    Clunky and uncomfortable footwear is a falling hazard for senior citizens. You can buy your loved ones geriatric footwear that is comfortable, easy to put on and remove, and easy to move around in to help reduce the risk of falls at home.

Home care services like ours can address daily living issues and reduce the risk of falls and other accidents at home. For more information, you can call Elder Home Care Services at 772-924-9700. We provide personal care, Case Management, Specialized Care, and much more.

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