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Telltale Signs of Social Isolation in Seniors


Social isolation is a concerning issue for many seniors and their families because of the negative impacts it could have on senior health. It can increase the risk of mental health issues like dementia, anxiety, and depression. Isolation can also make living at home more dangerous for seniors, increasing the risk of falls and other unwanted incidents at home.

Spotting social isolation will help families take the necessary steps to safeguard the well-being, safety, independence, and comfort of their elderly loved ones at home through senior care services like companionship. Here are some telltale signs of social isolation in seniors to look out for:

  • Physical Health Decline

    Socially isolated seniors often neglect their physical health. They may not eat well at home, miss their medication, and avoid seeking medical intervention when needed. We can help your elderly loved ones preserve their good health at home and prevent isolation with our elder home care services in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

  • Unwanted Weight Loss

    Socially isolated seniors may have reduced access to meals or lack the motivation to cook for themselves or go grocery shopping, resulting in unwanted weight loss.

  • Personal Hygiene Issues

    Neglecting personal hygiene, grooming, and cleanliness may be signs of isolation because socially isolated seniors either do not have access to hygiene assistance or do not feel the need to keep up appearances. Seniors can address hygiene issues and isolation through services like personal care.

Social isolation can be dangerous to the health of seniors aging at home. We can help address social isolation with our home care in Florida. For more information about our services, feel free to call Elder Home Care Services at 772-924-9700.


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